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Many people all over the world are suffering from feelings of pain or discomfort while passing stool, which, not without reason, raises concern. There are more reasons why moving one's bowel can be painful, and some of them will be described herein.


Amount and type of previously consumed food is closely related to painful bowel movement. In example, too hot, too spicy food, as well as too large quantity of consumed food can be the reason behind painful bowel movement. Indigestion or food poisoning triggered diarrhea can also cause painful bowel movement.

Constipation causes painful and irregular bowel movements. It is linked to dehydration, intake of diuretics, or lack of fiber in one's diet.

These are chief causes of painful bowel movement in children.

Anal fissures and haemorrhoids

These are cracks or slits in the skin that surrounds the anal region, which can often cause severe pain after defecation. Similar painful response can be caused by abscesses. Swelled veins inside the anal sphincter, which are caused by excess pressure on rectal veins or region around the rectum, are known as piles or haemorrhoids. These can be cause of painful bowel movement as well as bleeding from the anus after defecation.

Rectal cancer

Growth of cancer or some benign tumor in the rectal region can obstruct the rectum or the anal orifice, and painful bowel movement is common symptom of rectal cancer. Exact cause of rectal cancer is still unknown. It is more common in older people.


Proper treatment of painful bowel movement cannot be executed without determining the exact cause for this condition. There are simple home remedies for obvious causes. In example, constipation can be dealt with by increasing amount of fiber in your diet. This can be done by eating more green vegetables and whole grains. Laxatives can handle temporary constipation. There are a number of preparations aimed at treatment of haemorrhoids, but surgical procedure might be necessary if the problem is persistent or if the swelling is too large. As of cancer, the treatment will depend on its stage and growth.


It can not be put more simple than this. Eat healthy food and maintain a balanced diet, as majority of painful bowel movements are caused by unhealthy dietary habits. It is also recommended to avoid hot and spicy food, and all the more to avoid eating it late. Drinking lots of water helps to remain hydrated and prevent constipation. It should be remembered that long periods of painful bowel movement or blood in the stool require immediate medical attention, as the underlying cause of this can be very serious.

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