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Depression is an overall state of negativity. Depressed people are prone to feelings like sadness, anxiety, emptiness, hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt, irritability and restlessness. When people become depressed, they lose interest in activities which were once parts of their lives. Thus, they might stop making decisions completely, experience difficulties concentrating on anything or remembering details of certain events. Also, they might have suicidal tendencies. As for the side effects of this condition, depressed people may suffer from insomnia, excessive sleeping, constant tiredness, pains and aches and digestive problems.

Faces of Depression

Sometimes, depressed mood which overwhelms a person may not have anything to do with his/her psychiatric health. Rather, conditions like mononucleosis, triggered by viral infections are known to mimic symptoms of depression. Also, thyroid gland problems may lead to depression issues.

More serious cases, however, are the psychiatric ones. Major depression, or clinical depression, is a serious state where a person has spent at least two weeks being depressed and losing all interest in daily activities. Sometimes, people with bipolar disorder tend to have depressive phases which can last for longer periods of time. Dysthymia is a state of chronic depression which does not manifest through typical symptoms of this condition. Alternatively, some depressed individuals have certain people or situations triggering their depression.

Alternative Attitudes Towards Depression

While depression is considered to stem from imbalance in certain brain chemicals, there are people who have different theories. Truly, depression itself strikes different individuals in a different way. Thus, some may get away with being depressed for only a couple of days, while some people may get devoured by depression completely.

Either way, depression is a condition which can potentially destroy relationships, careers, families, friendships and entire people's lives. Therefore, seeking help and helping depressed people is very important. Moreover, this treatment needs to take place as soon as possible since the longer one is depressed, the harder the process of recovery will be.

As for triggers of depression, each one of us can have his/her own. Some people feel overwhelmed by work and obligations, becoming depressed as a result of this overindulgence. Others may have survived a traumatic event which made them depressed. Thus, the very cause of the problem needs to be addressed in order to get rid of depression.

Commonly, lack of self-esteem is enough to force people into depths of depression. In this case, exercising is known to be very helpful. Namely, involving yourself into physical activities will make you look better and feel better, boosting your confidence and making you change your negative outlook on life.

Also, relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation or hobbies can be very helpful. Finally, proper nutrition is the key ingredient in the battle against depression, so beware of what you eat and make sure it is healthy.

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