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Pregnancies last for about 9 months, give or take few days, and it is definitely a life changing experience for all women, especially if that is their first pregnancy. So, what is there to be known about pregnancy? What are the most important things?

9 months

First of all, it might seem that 9 months is a long period, although actually it is not. It passes quickly and in no time happy couple needs to learn about parenting as much as they can. Pregnant women should realize that even though there is another life growing inside them, they have to eat normally and healthy. Actually, in the first three months, the diet should include about 50 calories more than usual. This number increases by 50 in the second trimester and by another 50 in the last trimester. This explains why so many pregnant women gain a lot of extra weight – they are simply not aware that overeating is a mistake. Although, the reason behind it is understandable, women are afraid there are not enough nutrients and thus they eat more than necessary. Eating healthy and properly is a necessity because that will help pregnant women avoid some possible medical issues, such as hypertension, which is not good to suffer from, even more if pregnancy is in the picture.


This actually means that eating while pregnant should not be much different from normal eating, but of course, it has to be healthy. It might be a lot easier for a pregnant woman to eat many times a day, but smaller portions and also bloating food should be avoided. All nutrients must be inserted in the body and of course, water must also be present in a daily menu. Pregnant women should be careful with eating because of the constant changes of hormonal levels. This will not only cause hunger spikes but also rapid mood changes. And also, a pregnant woman should take care of herself and her health, because that is the best way to keep the baby safe.

It is also recommended to combine some light physical activity with a good and healthy diet. Of course, nothing strenuous should be done, but at least walking daily for some decent distance would do a lot of good. It has to be mentioned here that some pregnant women should not engage in any physical activity by doctor’s orders. In those cases, even a short walk might be a bit problematic.

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