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It is an commonly accepted opinion that women can eat during pregnancy as much as they want, in order to provide the baby that is growing inside of them as much food as they can. It is not so rare that a woman during pregnancy gains more pounds than it is advised, which is why some women decide to follow some rules. If you decide on a diet that is advised by doctors, you need to follow some basic rules.

Diet in pregnancy

If you are a healthy young woman and want to have a baby, you should know that the beginning of it is cutting down on alcohol and eating various foods. If it happens out of a blue, it isn’t late to begin to take care about your diet then. You don’t have to divide pregnancy meals from the ones that you used to eat. You should eat the same amount of food, and your meals should be regular. 70 % of your meals should consist of bread, cereals and potatoes, and if you can, it would be better to eat whole grains as they have more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Of course, fruit and vegetables should be included in your diet; at least 5 portions of it should be eaten per day, and you can eat it in any form you want, cooked, dried, frozen, juice. Then, met, fish and alternatives (eggs, nuts, and pulses) should be a part of your diet as they have many proteins. Naturally, milk and milk products cannot be avoided as they have calcium and protein, and you should eat them twice a day. The only suggestion is to choose products that have lower fat in them. Artificial sugar and fat should be avoided, but from time to time, you can buy a chocolate or an ice cream.


The first question that a pregnant woman will probably ask is if she is eating for two, and the answer is no. If you start overeating during your pregnancy, you may end obese and the weight gained during a pregnancy will not reduce no matter how much you starve. The fact is that a woman’s body adapts during the first six months of pregnancy, so you don’t have to eat more than you used to. In the last trimester, baby adds 200 kilocalories to your daily needs, and translated in food, it is equal to two apples.

It is recommended for pregnant women to be on a strict diet. The intake of calories should be 2000 kcal per day. Only in some cases, if a doctor suggests that, pregnant woman should be on a diet. On average, a woman should gain 11.4-15.9 kg during her pregnancy. In the case of an over or under weight, a woman should work on her weight gaining or a reduction. The only eating for two is in the form of nutrients. You have to provide your baby with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins so that you would deliver a healthy, strong baby.

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