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What we have alreadybeen pointed out to by literature, i.e. numerous books and articles written onthe topic of “Pomegranate”, is that the fruit in question abounds in numerousvitamins, the most important being vitamin A, K, and vitamin C. Another factthat contributes to the popularity of this fruit refers to its numerous healthbenefits, as well as being the part of the most common doctor-recommendations forthe purpose of promoting healthy living, since the fruit itself is packed withnutrients of different kinds.


When it comes to theamount and the variety of vitamins, there is simply no other fruit variety thatcan beat pomegranate in this respect. Therefore, its health beneficial powersbecome self-evident from the start. And if eaten on a regular daily basis, aperson can benefit from all of the above mentioned riches to an even greaterextent. Those most health beneficial vitamins include the following:

Vitamin A – the vitamin in question ispresent in the form of beta carotene, which is known to be essential for themost successful maintenance and promotion of the person’s overall eye health.This is, of course, one of the reasons why medicines containing beta caroteneare the ones prescribed for the treatment of just about any eye relatedillness. Another upside of beta carotene is that it is also characterized bystrong antioxidant properties. This, furthermore, is known to decrease to alarge extent any retina-related damage coming as a direct consequence of the effectof free radicals, which is a part of the aging processVitamin B – what contributes topomegranate’s health beneficialness is the fact that it is literally packed withall the vital B group vitamins (such as niacin, riboflavin and thiamin). And thevitamin in question is one of those that our body needs in order to functionin a proper manner. In addition, this vitamin is important for the control and keeping of the most adequate metabolic rate, and it also plays an extremely importantrole in the cell growth processVitamin C – which is also a part ofthe pomegranates vitamin family, is known to be efficient and extremely helpfulwhen it comes to the prevention of one of the skin’s most notorious enemies, i.e.wrinkles. Also, for all the people attempting to improve the overall texture oftheir skin, making this vitamin an integral part of the diet cannot bedisregarded.Vitamin K is another vitamin presentin this miraculous fruit. The strength of vitamin K lies in the fact that it isvital for our body because it promotes proper blood clotting, and it provides essential aid in bringing excessive menstrual bleeding under control

Another quiteimportant upside of the pomegranate is that it is extremely rich in minerals aswell, especially in calcium, zinc and potassium.

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