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Phobias in General

A phobia is a fear which has littlelogic behind it. We all have certain fears and most of them areconcentrated on protecting us from harm, mostly based on experiencesof other people. However, phobias make little sense to everyone elseexcept those who suffer from them. Nevertheless, phobias prevent somepeople from living their lives normally.

There are many different types ofphobias focusing on different fears. Some of the most common are fearof heights or fear of small, tight spaces, as well as fear ofdarkness. However, there are many more phobias out there and some ofthese are quite strange. One of the strangest phobias is fear ofclowns or coulrophobia. This phobia, as the name itself suggests,makes a person quite uncomfortable at the very thought about clowns,let alone direct contact with them. Even though this might seem funnyand amusing to many, this fear is real and quite disarming for thosewho have this type of phobia. Moreover, it can prevent them fromliving their lives normally, making them avoid parties, celebrationsor any kind of events where clowns or even pictures of them mightappear. Contact with clowns can turn into a traumatic experiencewhere the health of a person with phobia may be jeopardized due tothe fear connected with the event.

Coulrophobia and Facts about It

Fear of clowns mostly affects smallchildren, age from 2 to 9. Nevertheless, coulrophobia can appear withpeople who are adults or teenagers, making this phenomenon even moreparadoxical. The movie industry may be considered responsible formany births of this phobia since there are many films incorporatingkiller or monster clowns which many children could have seen in thepast. On the other hand, this phobia may stem from the fact thatclowns wear masks which conceals their identities. Either way, peoplewith coulrophobia cannot stand clowns and are scared to death ofthem.

This phobia is expressed through theonset of respiratory problems manifested through shortness of breathand hyperventilation, anxiety, increased and irregular heartbeat,nausea, sweating and dreadful sensations.

Treatment for Coulrophobia

There are several methods for removalof this phobia. Firstly, one can get rid of coulrophobia by gettingexposed to clowns more often, realizing that there is nothing scaryabout them. Secondly, a person may try and reprogram his/her attitudetowards clowns, learning to control the fear and eventually removeit. Both of these methods take time and following specific therapies.Finally, there is the self hypnosis variant of treatment, where onemay remove coulrophobia from his/her own subconsciousness.

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