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Parenting is not an easy task. As a parent, you are completely responsible for forming a young mind so that it grows to be responsible and good-natured member of this society, finding happiness and progress in his/her own life.

Parents use parenting styles for these purposes. There are many to choose from and some of the most controversial styles is permissive parenting.

Definitions of Permissive Parenting

This style of parenting sets no demands upon children and allows them the greatest possible freedom when it comes to the process of making decisions for themselves. Permissive parents spend a lot of time with their children and have interest neither in teaching them how to behave appropriately nor in controlling their behavior in any way.

This is something completely opposite of authoritative parenting where parents have fixed set of rules which must be obeyed.

The idea behind permissive parenting is to teach your children how to be independent at a very early age, taking responsibility for their own actions. However, this might backfire easily, turning your children into spoiled, disrespectful individuals. Thus, you need to be very careful once conducting this method of parenting.

Impact of Permissive Parenting

As it was mentioned above, permissive parents allow their children to do whatever they want, without setting ground rules and limitations. They are relaxed, laid-back and tolerant, showing only care and affection, counting on the child to introduce limitations and regulations into his/her own life, through experience, trial and error or some other means of self-education.

Children who are brought up this way can grow to be very irresponsible and completely spoiled, making no distinctions between wrong and right. They expect the world to be as tolerant as their parents were and this sets them on a collision course since, once they face reality, they see the magnitude of their misconceptions. Moreover, these children may be prone to bouts of anger or tantrums whenever they do not like something. Additionally, adolescents of this age may lie to their parents or manipulate them or do something bad like using drugs.

Nevertheless, shy and reserved children can benefit from this kind of parenting since it can help their introvert characteristics blossom into more independent ones. Keep in mind that with lively and rebellious children the effect is bound to be quite opposite.

Finally, permissive parents may have a rule or two which they teach their children to obey. Still, these are usually connected with bedtimes, homework, obligations, proper behavior during eating etc.

All in all, this is not the best way for raising your child. Regardless, it has some important techniques which can be mixed with other parenting styles.

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