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Dry Eye asa medical condition

Present inmore than 11 million U.S. Citizens, and very symptomatic for women over the age of 40, dry eye is an uncomfortabledisorder that reduces certain components of tears, causing redness, itching, or a sensation of burning inthe eye, blurring vision, discomfort when wearing lenses, sensitivity to lightand fatigue of the eye when reading. The thin layer of fluids covering the eyecontain proteins, water, anti-bacterial substances and fatty oils, and it provides the smoothness and clarity to the eye. These tears are consistently createdby the eye, both in normal and extraordinary circumstances such as crying fromstress, pain or emotion. Using contact lenses for long periods, aging naturally, the menopause cycles inwomen, dry or dusty habitats, certain eyelid diseases and medicine fordepression and blood pressure can all lead to a malfunctioning of the teargenerating lacrimal glands.

Severe DryEye

Withoutproper treatment, and in due time, the condition can evolve into severe dryeye, causing a decrease in driving or reading ability during the day andparticularly during the night. This condition can worsen the overall health. Achronic malady known as Sjorgen’s syndrome is one of the main instigators ofsevere dry eye, also leading to dry mouth and arthritis. LASIK surgery has alsobeen known to lead to severe dry eye, as it alters the corneal surface, promptinglacrimal gland dysfunctions.

Dry Eye Treatment and therapy

It isimportant to note that the symptoms do not necessarily validate the diagnosis immediately,and further testing by an eye doctor is needed for any confirmation andtreatment. The most rudimentary method of treating dry eye is artificial tears,a lubricator in liquid form that serves as a fatigue remover. Note that thismethod should not be applied on red eyes due to the chance of worsening thedryness. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration)approved method is Restasis, a form of medicament that aids in moisturizing theeyes. Though it has high success rates in treating dry eye, individuals sufferingfrom eye infections are not advised utilizing this method due to its occasionalside effects. The final method, in case of failure of the previous ones,involves a punctual plug implant. This method is usually prescribed by a professional,and involves utilizing an implant to block the tear drainage ducts within theeye, keeping it moisturized. If this still does not provide any relief, the mostadvanced method involves lateral tarsorrhapy, a surgical procedure involving sewingof a third of the eyelid from outside, closing the mentioned openings for good.An alternative solution can be Serum. This serum is created through a processthat involves donation of blood, and is effective for 6 months in one go. Thisremedy holds multiple fluids that are also found in human tears, which keep theeyes in good health.

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