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Characteristics of Moles

Most of us have moles, some more than the others. This thing is completely normal and moles are usually inevitable. However, one needs to take good care of them and pay attention to their behavior in order to be prepared if something goes wrong. Namely, most moles are completely harmless and present no significant problems to the one bearing them. Nevertheless, some moles tend to get cancerous, either affected by the sun or by other factors. Therefore, it is very important to notice any changes in number, growth, size, shape and color of the mole in order to react timely and have it either just examined or removed before it does any damage or provokes skin cancer. Moles may appear in places which are not exposed to the sun. Thus, it is important to be thorough while checking your skin and take your scalp, legs, head, armpits, feet, and other parts of your body into consideration.

Signs of Malignant Moles

By looking and examining some moles on your body, you can notice if there are any negative qualities concerning their characteristics. Whenever some of the following qualities are present, there is a danger of melanoma and a need of immediate medical assistance.

First of all, moles which are not symmetrical, those who have different halves or lack consistency or regularity in their look are the first signs of trouble. Secondly, melanomas tend to leave borders around the moles. Therefore, any marks around moles may indicate this. Additionally, moles do exist in various different colors. However, they should remain the same during their existence. In case you notice any significant changes in their color, especially if they are radical, have the moles examined. The same goes for multicolored moles. Finally, if you notice abrupt or gradual changes in growth, shape, size, they start being itchy, irritating, develop any other qualities or if you simply have a feeling that the mole is advancing in any way possible, know that a visit to the doctor is a must.

Means of Protection

Since sun is the main trigger of malignant development in your moles and one of the main causes of melanoma and skin cancer, it is extremely important to protect yourself from it. Namely, make sure you avoid excessive sun exposure in general, especially during the period of 10 am to 4 pm. Moreover, whenever exposed to the sun, wear sunscreens of high quality and protection factor, especially while sunbathing. Finally, the fact that you wear a sunscreen will not protect you completely. Therefore, protect your head, your eyes and the rest of your body by wearing hats, sunglasses and long sleeved, bright colored clothing.

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