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Most common causes

When it comes to neck lumps, the culprits causing them are great in number. As for the seriousness, this can be an indicator of some more severe illness, or it can simply be only unpleasant and harmless. People often tend to disregard any small changes that may occur on the surface of their body, thinking that if it is small and of looks that does not cause fear, then it must be the same when severity is concerned. But in many cases, this proves to be a wrong presumption. A skin boil belongs to the group of the above mentioned changes afflicting our body, and due to its shape, it is frequently misconceived and mistaken for some kind of a skin disorder, which is of short breath and which is surely to go away on its own. This is the initial presumption, but once this boil starts to increase in size and turns into a much bigger growth, that induces a lot of pain, only then a person in question starts paying attention to it. Among those most frequent causes of this particular type of growth are such as the following:

Skin boil. This minute lump occurs as a direct consequence of an infection of the hair follicle. It tends to cause a lot of itching and more intensive pain. Also, inside the boil there may happen building up of the pus, which can in turn induce a highly unpleasant inflammation.Sebaceous cyst. Another direct consequence of the infected and swollen hair follicle, as well as irritated skin, is the occurrence of the above mentioned type of a cyst. As for its characteristics, this cyst is mostly tender to the touch, and more importantly, painless. If it is smaller, then it is not health threatening and it disappears on its own, but if it increases in size in due time, then serious treatment is a must.Lipoma represents a tender and movable tumor benign in nature, and has the form of a lump that occurs on the neck of a person, but underneath the skin. In most cases it is painless and is removed by means of cosmetic surgery.Swollen lymph nodes occur as a direct consequence of such illnesses as the common cold, various viral/bacterial infections, sore and strep throat, tuberculosis, epiglottitis, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, and peritonsillar abscess.

Other causes also serious in nature are goiter, problems with the thyroid gland, thyroid cancer and tonsillitis.

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