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The groin injury is one of the most usual injuries of the extremities, or to be precise, of the inner thighs. It is often the consequence of the strain of the muscular tissue of the groins and it is also called the groin pull. Because of that it could be concluded that this kind of injury is more likely to happen to those who use those muscles excessively such as the sportsmen.

The hurt groin is very painful, often followed by a hematoma and that area is swollen. So the first thing that should be done is to take a rest, if possible, since any movement at this stage can cause some unwanted complication. Although the condition of the pulled groin requires usually more than one month of resting, one should be much disciplined concerning this matter.

The second step in the first aid plan is putting on the ice or anything frozen over the swollen and painful area but avoiding the direct contact with the skin. This action should be performed at regular intervals at least three times per day and the ice should be kept on the affected area for a third of an hour. The swelling should be lessened within the period of the first two or three days after the injury takes place and if it actually reduces the treatment with the warm things could start (in order to encourage the better circulation).

During the recovery period, the groin area should be tightened, and that could be achieved by wearing anything tight or that imitates the bandage.Some milder exercises, which are based on stretching, are recommendable but only if performed carefully and with not extending the groins too much.

The at-home treatment also includes taking the medications that are designed for decreasing the swelling and lowering the pain, and which can be bought at the pharmacies, even before consulting the doctor. The most popular are, of course, the drugs which stop the inflammatory process, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Aspirin and naproxen. But, if using the drugs on their own, people must be very careful, since certain drugs can provoke an allergic reaction, intoxication (if someone takes more drugs than it is recommended and written on the package), or lead to similar unwanted complications. Pregnant women must take these kinds of drugs with an extreme precaution.

Sometimes, the home treatment could go wrong. In those cases, the immediate medical attention should be provided, and here are some signs of the possible complications: the prolonged pain in the groins the problems with walking, a rash that is prone to appear the spreading of the swelling on the nearby tissue and the infection in an advanced stage followed with pus and the high temperature of the body.

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