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Root Canal

This is a procedure that is mostly done in the dentist's office and as a last resort, in cases when other treatment options are not giving any result. This treatment is very expensive and it causes a lot of discomfort and pain. But there are some alternatives for this procedure and in this text, we will see which they are. We will see first what root canal is. Dental procedures are usually focused on the outer area of the tooth, but root canal is not. This procedure is associated with the removal of the tooth pulp, nerve infection or nerve injury inside the tooth. There are some alternatives, but doctor will make the final decision, depending on the extent of the injury.

Treatment Alternatives

Dead tooth cannot be treated since root canal is only done on sick tooth. The infection becomes worse over time due to the aggravation of the tooth decay. The bacteria then start to eat on the dead tissue located in the tooth and this problem can only be treated with root canal procedure. Antibiotics can be used for treatment or postponing the procedure of root canal. The most commonly used medications are Keflex, amoxicillin, anti-inflammatory medications, and painkillers. The exposed pulp can be filled with the medical filling and this is what pulp capping is. Nerve exposure is the name used for the bleeding associated with the nerve affected during the removal of the decay. If this is the case, root canal can be substituted with a pulp cap. The first part of this process is sterilization, and then comes filling, but only after the bleeding is stopped, if it is present at all. Next option is the tooth extraction, which is the best solution for those who do not have money for root canal or want to avoid the pain. If tooth restoration or the tooth structure is too damaged, extraction may be a better option. Once the tooth is extracted, dental bridge, dental implant or partial denture is placed. These were three alternatives to the costly and painful procedure called root canal. You can try treating a problem with medications, tooth extraction or pulp capping. Know that the extraction is associated with the necessary root canal procedure, while non-severe cases may be treated with pulp capping or medications. Just maintain your oral hygiene and you will avoid all the charges that make the total cost of the root canal high.

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