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Dentist visits are a part of a regular health care treatment. And going to dentist on regular basis is part of a normal life. Most root canal treatments, which are usual dental treatments, are simple and uncomplicated. A root canal treatment is most easy and most efficient medical procedures today. But even so, the complications may occur. Endodontic therapy is another name for a root canal treatment. The latest technology can resolve the problem, the one that includes sophisticated instrument using, a new filling materials, and with advanced techniques all dental problems can be easily solved.

Root Canal Treatment

The pulp chamber is a center of the tooth. The center is placed on a coronal portion and links root to a narrow channel, or else named a root canal. Root canal goes through entire tooth and pulp chamber and the channel content nerves, blood vessels and cellular entities. All nutrition is transferred with blood vessels and nerves transfer it for further on as a brain signals. Each tooth has 1-4 root canals, also a pulp chamber that impacts nerve and blood supply.

If the root canals are infected, it affects the blood. If tooth damage is big enough tooth decay occurs and tooth dies. If the pulp chamber is inflamed it means that the tooth is infected. In some stages patient does not feel the pain due to infection. All inside of pulp chamber and root canal needs to be removed for a root canal to be treat. Next step is cleaning and decontaminating root canals and pulp chamber and then empty tooth gets to be filled with appropriate filling. If the infection passes to crown, in that case, the crown needs to be replaced.


Root canal treatment only takes 2 or 3 visits to dentists. But if the complications come along more dental treatment is required. The usual root canal complication is missed canal. The dentist may accidentally skip some canal, which may bring on some complications. Some canals can be unavailable, too horizontal or too curved. It is a perfect opportunity for further infection.

Even a little infection can cause tooth decay and dead tooth may fracture. In such case there are complications of a root canal that may occur. A fractured root can be avert. Dentist’s tools can also make a new perforation accidentally. Every whole needs to be filled carefully to prevent infection.

Any cracks that may be missed out by dentist are future enter for infections and bacteria. All that can cause infection. Or dentist leaves a little bit of tooth inside of other tooth that can also cause infection. Or even a little bit of a dentist’s tool left inside and in that case only surgery can help. Depending of the tooth, dentist must remove tooth permanently or just leave it in and repair it.

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