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There are a lot of people all over the world who are afraid of going to the dentist. One thing that people fear more than that is the pain after doing a root canal treatment. The pain after the procedure is a problem for the patient but for the dentist as well. The truth is that there should be no pain felt after the treatment. However, in some cases the patient is back the very next day complaining about the pain. A patient needs to know that there are several causes why he or she is experiencing pain in the first place.

Causes of root canal pain after procedure

Ghost pain

There is always a possibility that the patient will experience pain after the root canal procedure but in some cases the pain is not present even though the patient complains of it. In most cases the sensitivity is mistaken for pain and that is why it is important to be sure that it is pain and not sensitivity or tingling in the tooth.

Crown impingement

In cases of severe decay of the tooth and if there are less than two walls left intact a crown will be given. If the crown on the tooth is loose food particles will enter it and it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. On the other hand if the crown is too tight it will impinge on the gums and that will lead to gum irritation, inflammation, swelling and root canal pain after the treatment.

Faulty diagnosis

The root canal procedure is the last resort for every dentist when he or she is trying to save the tooth. In some cases that are misdiagnosed certain complications may occur. Such cases have a combined periodontic-endodontic lesions, cases where the tooth pain may occur because of the periodontal diseases. In such a case a person will experience pain after the procedure.

Pre-existing infection

There are cases when the infection may have spread to the bone but it is not shown on the X-ray and then the dentist will not suspect that there is an infection that have spread all the way to the bone. A person who suffers from diabetes has a greater chance of experiencing pain after the procedure because he or she is immunocompromised.

Hyperoocclusion and a faulty root canal treatment may also cause pain after the procedure.

Prevention of root canal pain after procedure

It is important that the tooth is given time to recuperate. Patients who might suffer from inspections should receive some root canal pain relief. The crown should be properly placed and the patient should inform the dentist if it is not. The dentist will provide the patient with some instructions and the patient should follow them.

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