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Pain in the mouth

Ulceration in the oral cavity, or the condition also known as aphthous stoma and repeated aphthous stomatitis, occurs most typically on the inner side of the cheek, tongue, soft palate, mouth floor or occasionally the throat. Their radius is usually somewhere between 3 and 5 millimetres. Patients who experience persistent mouth ulcerations report sores which are substantially bigger, and which tend to appear in clusters of two or three. Sometimes, they can have as much as ten to twenty, all at the same time.

The onset of the condition is marked by the appearance of a tiny pustule, and it then turns into a sore hole in the mucous skin. That it when it begins to hurt. There is another scenario which can cause mouth ulcer, and that is physical injury to the mucous lining of the oral cavity. For example, a person bites themselves and the blister appears afterwards.

Oral ulcers can be quite painful, and that can be very annoying. The tenderness is aggravated when the patient eats, drinks and talks. The more grave instances of mouth ulceration may require the patient to avoid all activities that make the pain worse. Patients can thus become more exhausted and gloomy, since they are prevented from functioning normally.

The mystery behind the condition

There hasn’t been established a particular source of the condition known as mouth sore, although it is likely that they are not provoked by neither a virus nor a bacterium. That is why mouth ulcers are not regarded as infectious.

The most widespread hypothesis is that mouth sores have to do with the immune defence system and allergic responses of the body. Namely, some believe that cankers are precipitated by some factors which damage the mucous lining of the mouth cavity. The lining then gets irritated by the patient’s saliva, or to be more precise the bacteria contained in it.

Things to be careful about

In case that failure of the immune system is to blame for the ulceration, addressing the weak points of the immune system is the key to preventing the onset of mouth sores. If the mouth sore has already appeared, what is natural is for the patient to avoid eating sharp food pr wearing the night guard.

Since stressful situations can trigger weakening of the immune system and consequently potential mouth sores, try to avoid such situations if possible. Also, keep away from toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain strong antibacterial agents, as they can throw the beneficent mouth flora out of balance.

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