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Walking can sometimes provoke painful feeling, but unfortunately most of us take this pain for granted. We think that it is nothing serious andwe just take some medications for the pain instead. This can lead to some seriousconsequences if the leg pain has presented itself more than once. Some vascularproblems may be causing this pain, so the treatment must be performed. Why doesthis vascular problem occur? When fat is gathered in the artery, it causes thereduction of blood flow. This experience can be very painful. This possibleproblem is common among heavy smokers and diabetics. Problems of vascular disease include brittle andthick leg nails, pain while walking, leg, hip and buttock pain, loss of hair oncalves, legs and toes, purple or blue toes, pain felt while lying down, thinand shiny leg skin, leg wounds, pale legs while they are up and dark when downand problems with pain during the night. These are some of the most commonsymptoms associated with vascular disease.

The specialists say that if yousuffer from leg problems, hospitalization is not needed in mild cases. If youcan continue with your everyday activities, you do not need to be hospitalized. When you visit the doctor because you areexperiencing some of the stated symptoms, doctor will perform some tests to seewhether they are produced by vascular disease. Doctor will perform ultrasoundof the leg or color Doppler test in order to detect the blockage in the artery.The next step in diagnosing is Andiogram. Treatment can be done in three ways. If theproblem is not serious, eliminating smoking and exercising can make theproblem disappear. There are two more kinds of treatment and they both include surgery.The first surgery is called bypass surgery. This is a procedure very similar toheart bypass, except that it is done on a leg artery. When thisoperation is performed then be prepared for seven to ten days spent in the hospital. The secondsurgery which can be performed is named minimal invasive surgery, and it onlytakes a day or two to leave the hospital after this surgery. In This operation uses of a wire through which balloon is implanted which will decrease the narrowedlocation of the artery. Specialists say that this surgery is one of the bestchoices possible today. There is one more type of treatment, which we will onlymention since it is not very popular, and it refers to strong vasodilator drugs. This treatment lasts for five days.At the end we will just say that this conditionusually affects older people. Every tenth person which is 40 to 70 years old, hasproblems with this condition.

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