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Left arm pain can cause panic because they are associated with heart attack. However, heart attack usually come with other symptoms as well, such as, dull squeezing pain, shortness of breath and heavy sweating.

If you have been experienced the left arm pain fairly recently or the pain is chaotic, it is very probable that you are not having a heart attack. If the pain is acute and you have been experiencing it for a longer period of time, you should see a doctor. The doctor will probably make a physical exam and make an EKG test and measure your blood pressure. If there are some unusual test results, he will refer you to a specialist cardiologist. If heart problem is present, there are several possibilities of the left arm pain.

You may be experiencing bad circulation. The blood is not reaching your arm. This leads to a feeling of coldness and numbness. It may also be associated with the tingling sensation in the fingertips. If you are in an awkward position, the pain and the tingling can be caused by dead arm. The sensation feels like your arm is dull, numb heavy and out of your control. It lags when you want to reach for something.

Left arm pain can be psychosomatic. It does not mean that you are imagining it, but it can mean that you are under a lot of stress. The body and the mind are connected very subtly and if you are under a lot of pressure, be it work related or private, it can cause physical pain. If this is the case, breathing exercises and meditation can reduce the level of stress and help you to keep your heart rate and your stress level normal. You could also be suffering from anxiety attacks or panic attack. In this case, the pain in the left arm will be accompanied with the chest pain and the shortness of breath. If you are suffering either from panic attack or anxiety attack, the best way you can help yourself is by breathing and meditation exercises. Of course, if the symptoms are severe seek medical attention.

There is also a small chance that you may have a mitral valve prolapse. It is when the membrane in the heart between left ventricale and the left atrium. It prevents the back flow of the blood between these two chambers of the heart. But, like the heart attack it is followed by chest pain.

In short, left arm pain are not to be underestimated but if you are not experiencing difficulty breathing and you are not feeling any chest pain, it is highly possible that you are not having a heart attack. If, of course, the symptoms are acute and are becoming more severe, seek medical attention.

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