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Social anxiety is a trouble of many.Fear of the unknown people, inability to make friends or establish anyrelationships is a nightmare for the person suffering from thiscondition as well as his or her family and friends. Since the reasonbehind this is purely psychological, it is hard to be healed sincethe human brain is still a mystery yet to be revealed. Many seek helpin different drugs and antidepressants. Unfortunately, these maycause more harm than good, since most antidepressants work on alarger scale, and are not made for specific purposes. Additionally,many drugs of this type have numerous side-effects making them trulya ambiguous choice. Nevertheless, there are some ways of curing thissocial phobia effectively.


This has been proven to be the mosteffective way of dealing with social anxiety. If one is persistentand determined to get cured, by sharing his or her fears and causesof this phobia with the psychotherapist, one is surely on a good wayof getting cured. However, bear in mind that this is not an easy pathto take. The healing process lasts long, and one needs to beresilient and endure the process.

Known Natural Cures

There are herbs and supplements knownto help those suffering from this condition. Since any kind ofanxiety is connected to stress and the state of being nervous, mostof this remedies tend to relax a person making it easier for him orher to interact with other people and bear with the surroundingworld.

Passion flower and valerian root alongwith winter cherry all act as sedatives and natural antidepressants.They calm a person down, remove any stress and provide a sensation ofrelaxation. By relaxing one's nervous system, these make it possiblefor people suffering from social anxiety to lose the phobia andpossibly overcome it.

Regular intake of vitamin B complex isa must in order to control all the chemical processes in our body andensure one's correct functioning considering both physical and mentalcapabilities. Additionally, for mental balancing and emotionalwell-being, one may use rhodiola rosea or kava kava. These two herbsmake a person more relaxed and thus more sociable while removing anyfears or unwanted chronic feelings of discomfort.

Finally, one can help him or her selfby introducing some lifestyle changes. Practicing social skill andimproving them through forcing yourself into communication andcontact may be an excellent way to overcome social anxiety. Also, byexercising, or having some interesting hobbies one may feel happierand be more positive, being more prone to socializing andcommunication. There are many remedies and cure, but the main changemust be triggered in the mind of the person suffering from this condition.

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