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There are a lot of women who suffer from ovarian cyst pain. Women should know that there are no painful signs which are referred to the ovarian cyst but there some other signs which can be seen or felt. For instance, changes in menstrual patterns are one of the most common symptoms.

However, in some cases the fallopian tubes are twisted and when the cyst is pushing on the nearby tissue or has ruptured, the woman will experience some degree of pain in the pelvic area. In these cases a person should have a cyst pain relief, just in case.

Pain experience

A person who experiences ovarian cyst pain will notice the pain generally in the pelvic area. The main reason why that is so, is because the fallopian tubes are that particular area. In most cases, people will experience a numb and dull pain that lasts for a couple of days. However, in some cases the pain might become more agonizing for a couple of days. Apart from this pain, people might also experience pain in the abdominal area. In addition to this, women also tend to feel a bit bloated. There are also a lot of women who complain about the dysmenorrheal pain that usually gets worse when a woman makes a move. Pain during the sexual intercourse is also quite common.

Painkillers-the natural way

The good thing about ovarian cyst pain is that it can be treated and there are natural methods that will relieve it. However, women must always consult the doctor before starting some kind of a treatment. It is also very important to treat the pain because a ruptured ovarian cyst can be fatal in cases when it is not attended to. Most doctors recommend women to apply hot compresses to the aching area.In case of pelvic pain, a woman may also try applying ice packs to the painful place.

Doctors will recommend women to use natural diuretics because they are known to ease the pressure on the intestinal organs which the cyst may be pushing against. Tomatoes are known to be the best natural diuretics. A woman who experiences ovarian cyst pain should make sure not to move a lot as long as the pain is there. During that period, it is also good to wear loose clothing as well.

Medical treatments for ovarian cyst

In cases when none of the mentioned treatments relieved the pain, a woman may ask the doctor for some pain killers. Ibuprofen is usually used in this situation.

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