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Ovarian cyst bursting

When a cyst forms on the ovary or within the ovary, it may disappear gradually without a treatment or it may rupture. When the ovarian cyst burst, there are several symptoms that may show up, so it is important to know the symptoms of the ovarian cyst bursting in order to seek the professional help and avoid further possible complications.

Symptoms and sings of ovarian cyst bursting

The ovarian cyst normally causes pain and discomfort in the pelvic area when it bursts, but the women usually mistaken these symptoms for the symptoms of the menstrual cycle and thus they tend to ignore them. However, the pain is usually accompanied by some other signs which together clearly indicate that the ovarian cysts is ruptured. The women who know that they have ovarian cyst should take any symptom more seriously than it looks like.

When an ovarian cyst is ruptured, the woman will have extremely irregular periods and the menstruation will alter constantly from extremely excessive to extremely light. Furthermore, the irregular menstruation will typically cause acne, mood swings and the gaining of body weight.

The ovarian cyst bursting normally causes bleeding, which has nothing to o with the menstrual bleeding. Therefore, when the vaginal bleeding appears in the days which are not the menstrual days, it is recommended to go to see a doctor since it is quite possible that the ovarian cyst has ruptured.

Pressure on the bladder is also a sign of the ruptured ovarian cyst since the burst ovarian cyst makes an excess pressure on this organ and women usually have frequent necessity to urinate although they find it very difficult and even painful.

Sharp pain in the pelvis, breast tenderness and the change in bodily structure are also some of the signs of the ruptured ovarian cyst.

When an ovarian cyst bursts, it may also cause the symptoms that are similar to those typical of the pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting and heaviness in the stomach. Furthermore, dizziness and fainting spells may also occur when this condition occurs.

Treatment for ovarian cyst bursting

When a woman with some of the symptoms aforementioned goes to a doctor and when the ruptured ovarian cyst is diagnosed, it requires immediate and proper treatment. Since many conventional treatments just address the symptoms and not the cause, the cysts may recur. Therefore, a holistic approach is the best solution when the ruptured ovarian cysts are in question.

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