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Ovarian cyst rupture is a possible complication of having this type of cysts. The risk of rupture increases of the cyst is not identified early on and if it is left untreated.

Rupture of an ovarian cyst is usually the very painful and in some cases it may be life-threatening. For both ovarian cysts and their rupture the most important symptom is pain. It can be dull and persistent and it usually worsens during or after sexual intercourse, physical activity, everyday activity like bending, stretching or reaching, and during menstruation.If the pain is associated with other symptoms, like light-headedness, nausea and vomiting and fainting, it indicates a medical emergency and it is necessary to seek medical attention.

When a cyst ruptures, a sharp, intense pain occurs, followed by swelling and tenderness of the lower abdomen. Pale skin and anemia may be the sign of internal bleeding caused by the rupture.


The treatment of ruptured ovarian cyst depends on the severity and extent of the rupture and on whether there were other complications associated with this condition. The first step in the treatment is stabilization. In some cases patient may need intravenous medication. In most cases a course of antibiotics will be prescribed, usually with strong, broad-spectrum antibiotics. For women who still have their menstrual cycle doctors usually prescribe oral contraceptives to prevent ovulation and reduce the risk of developing new cysts. Painkillers can be prescribed to alleviate the pain that is present in all the cases of ovarian cyst rupture. The choice of pain medication will depend on other medication administered, like antibiotics, in order to prevent their interaction. Surgery is an option in emergency cases of ruptured cysts. Risks of this surgery may include developing new cysts, damage to the bowels and bladder and infection. Some women choose a natural treatment along with the classical one. The options for alternative or natural treatment include acupuncture, which generally aims to relieve the pain, herbal remedies, high intake of vitamin B and dietary changes.

Dietary changes usually include reduction of red meat, sugar, white flour and processed food, until the cysts shrink or disappear. Some women go for macrobiotic or vegan-vegetarian option that may have positive results. Unlike traditional treatment, natural treatment aims to prevent further formation of cysts but in severe cases or if a cyst has already ruptured, the classic treatment prescribed by doctors must not be ignored, otherwise there is no guarantee that there will be no serious complications and risks.

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