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Outer kneepain, which is also known as the so-called lateral knee pain is usually aresult of some kind of an injury or similar damage to the knee. When knee’shurt, all the activities of the legs are impaired, from walking to jumping andrunning. There are many ways to hurt the knees and only knowing the exact causewill help provide the injured knee with the appropriate treatment.

What cancause the pain in the outer knee?

Injuriesare the most common reasons for the painful sensations in the knee. Sprains donot really fall under this category, but they can be the trigger of a kneeinjury. For example, should the knee be sprained, if it isn’t recovered well,its muscles may end up swollen and inflamed, resulting in severe knee pain.

Another possiblecause of the pain in the knee is obesity. Knees are known to be the joints thatbasically carry most of the weight of the legs, and the entire upper body, atthat. Therefore, if a person is obese, that puts an enormous amount of pressureon the knees. Here the pain isn’t like sharp and shooting, but fastidious andpersistent. It is particularly intense when standing in one place for a verylong time.

Thelikeliest reason for sportsmen to experience knee pain is due to overuse, whichis to say, too much exercise which involves fast and sudden movements in theknees, like cycling, jumping or running, as they can lead to a number ofcomplications that lead to strong outer knee pain. One of the basic mistakesthat sportsmen make is not to dedicate enough time to warming up and coolingdown. These activities are essential in order to preserve the body frominjuries. If they aren’t conducted properly and with sufficient attention, theknees may end up suffering from various injuries, like simple sprains, or themore serious ones like ligament tears, the so-called runner’s knee injury ordislocated kneecaps.

Finally, it’snot just injuries that can bring damage and pain to the knees. Diseases like arthritisor knee osteoarthritis are joint conditions which affect the knees and manifestthemselves with swellings and inflammations in the knee area.

What kindof symptoms are considered to be related to the outer knee issues?

The painaffecting the outer knee is usually quite piercing and severe, and aside fromit the symptoms may include swelling, irritation and inflammation of the area,as well as the popping sounds when walking and the inability to straighten theknee and walk or perform any other physical activity properly.

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