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Many people are affected by problems with their knees. Knee problems are not limited to athletes and sportspeople - those with arthritis can experience particularly painful knee problems. With this type of injury, one will suffer from a loss or reduction of functionality with regard to activities such as kicking, walking and running. Something as simple as sitting down can lead to pain. Knee braces can provide support for the knee and protection against further injury of the affected area.

Knee braces benefits

It is important to choose the right kind of brace, relative to your particular injury. Braces can help with problems such as torn ligaments, kneecap injuries and arthritis pain. The braces will aim to provide cushioning and to promote a prompt recovery.

Types of knee braces

If you participate regularly in contact sports, then you might be advised to employ the usage of a prophylactic knee support brace. These braces are not recommended for use outside sport and are designed to protect healthy knees. This type of brace is widely available and, generally, inexpensive to purchase. No studies have been conclusive with regard to detailing the efficiency of this type of brace.

Functional knee support braces

Those who suffer from existing injuries could be recommended to use functional knee support braces. Those who have ACL, medial or PCL ligament injuries will more than likely be advised to use this type of brace. These braces serve to stabilize the knee during rehabilitation. Functional braces are a good option for those with torn or unstable knee ligaments.

Hinged knee support braces

If one suffers or has suffered from ligament damage, one might be advised to wear a hinged knee support brace. These braces are normally prescribed to athletes and the aim of these braces is to increase stability and to provide protection for the injured ligament. This kind of brace can be worn at any time and regular usage should be employed. Braces of this type are usually good choices for those who run regularly.

Arthritic knee support braces

A type of brace aimed at a specific type of person is the arthritic knee support brace. These braces are of great help to those who suffer from knee arthritis. The idea behind this type of brace is to increase stability and reduce pain. These braces can help one to avoid excessive weight and pressure being applied to the troubled area.

Always remember that knee braces should be employed as temporary relief for knee pain. The best way to solve the problem completely is to undertake physical therapy and specialized exercises.

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