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The focus of this text will be cast on the monosaturatedfatty acid called oleic acid. There are other fatty acids and the bodysynthesizes this one from the rest of the fatty acids. Several foods coming fromplants and animals are used for getting this fatty acid also called omega-9fatty acid. It is not an essential fatty acid since it is produced naturally byour body, but it has a source of fat considered healthy. Several body functionsdepend of oleic acid, such as blood pressure regulation, brain functions operation,development of the brain and cell membrane formation.


There are several possible sources of this fatty acid and of the greatestsources is olive oil. But there are other sources such as macadamia nuts,safflower, canola, sunflower oil, avocados, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, peanut oil, peanuts, grape seed oil and sesame seed oil.


Next we move on to the benefits associated with the oleic acid. There aresources of unsaturated fats coming from the animals, but oleic acid is thoughtto be healthier than this. Animal unsaturated fats also have harmfulcholesterol as well. Oleic acid is associated with many health benefits and wewill see which in the following lines.One of the benefits is the reduction of fatal diseases calledadrenoleukodystrophy. This disease affects the adrenal glands andnerve's myelin sheaths and causes symptoms similar to the ones that multiplesclerosis causes. As we have said, brain function operation will run smoothlydue to the effect of the oleic acid. Memory will also be improved. The bloodpressure can also be reduced and this is probably due to the olive oilproperties and effect. The heart and cardiovascular health will be improved andit may help you in avoiding stroke, arthrosclerosis and other diseases.Lowering the blood cholesterol is another beneficial effect that willimprove cardiovascular and heart health. The tolerance to glucose will reducethe resistance to insulin and this can happen due to oleic acid, which makes itgreat for those with diabetes.

The immune system will be stronger and aid the fightagainst the inflammations and infections. When we suffer a trauma, our bodyproduces a hormone called prostaglandins and its production can be increasedwith the oleic acid. This causes labor inducement and relaxation duringpregnancy, muscle contraction and inflammatory response increase. Oleic acidwill make cell membrane strong, repair damaged tissue and cells, and keep theskin moist. It will also make the skin supple and soft, and due to theanti-inflammatory effect, it can decrease stiffness caused by conditions likearthritis, and joint pain. Oleic acid can reduce chances of developing cancersince it is an antioxidant, and minimize the cellular damage due to free radicals.As you can see, this fat is very beneficial on human organism, but do not consumeit in greater quantities.

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