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We will talk about one possible treatment for sunburns and it involves the use of oatmeal. When a person is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a longer period of time, sunburns appear. This can happen in a tanning bed or due to the exposure to the sun. Fatigue, tiredness, mild dizziness and itchy reddish skin hot when touched are the most frequently experienced symptoms. There several possible complications that can arise due to sunburns (even malignant melanoma), which is why the treatment must be conducted on time and properly. We will talk about one of the most effective remedies for sunburns and that is oatmeal bath.

Oatmeal Bath

Oat groats ground is called oatmeal and it is used for the production of pet food, cookies, porridge, oatmeal bread, cakes, topical applications, soaps, alcohol, cosmetics and others. It can reduce the chances of contracting several diseases, normalize levels of blood sugar, increase metabolism rate and reduce the levels of blood cholesterol. As you can see, oatmeal is associated with several beneficial effects on the human body. Oatmeal bath is something that most people connect with infants, because these baths have mostly been used for removal of diaper rash, shingles, pinworms, eczema, poison ivy, insect bites, poison oak, dry skin, chicken pox and other skin disorders that the infants suffer from. It can be used instead of other products for bathing and we will tell you how to make it.


This solution for sunburns is very easy to make and it will not demand some expensive ingredients. We can even say that it is ridiculously cheap and it will cost you 1 dollar per treatment. The ingredients you will require are a cup of oatmeal, coffee grinder or food processor, mixer and a blender. If you are preparing the bath for the baby, you should use just a third of the cup of oatmeal. Quick oats, slow cooking oats or flavored oats can be used as well. First, put the oatmeal in the grinder and make a fine powder out of it. If the oatmeal is blended right, when you put some of it in a glass of water, it will turn into smooth texture. Place the oatmeal under the running water and use your hands to spread the oatmeal evenly. You should spend 15 minutes in this water with soft tapping by a towel. Remember not to rub the sunburns and do not use hard towels. You should repeat this two times a day. Know that this kind of treatment is effective on mild sunburns, while those more serious and more painful will require different treatment.

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