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Rarest blood types

It is an important task, finding donors with those rare blood types, such as rh negative, even more so because the awareness is still low. The presence or absence of certain substances on the surface of the red blood cells determines blood type, people should donate. Oxygen is carried throughout the entire body thanks to the red blood cells and they are called antigens. When it comes to types of blood and antigens, type A has A antigens on its red blood cells but it is short on B antigens. The opposite situation is with type B. And, while AB have both, 0 type has other antigens but is short on both A and B.Apart from A and B antigens, there is a more than 600 antigen types. A really small percentage of population lacks a combination of some of these more unfamiliar types. On the other side, some people lack antigens that everybody else has. Someone is considered to have a rare blood type if any one of the two cases mentioned above occurs. A very rare blood type is considered if 1 person in 10000 has or lacks similar antigens. The value for rare is 1 in 1000 people. It is a normal thing that our body manufactures antibodies. For example, those with A antigens make anti-B, and those with 0 make both anti-A and anti-B. When it comes to transfusion, if a person who needs it is group A and has anti-B, he will need the transfused blood not to be group B or AB, because they carry the B antigen.

Rarest Blood Type in US

In the United States, the rarest blood type is the AB negative. But people with this type need not worry, because they can receive blood from A negative, B negative and 0 negative groups.

Rarest Blood Type in the World

As we know, it is the AB negative. But, there has been found a type that is even rarer and not a large number of people know that it even exists. This is Bombay blood type. Its phenotype (hh) does not express the H antigen. In 1961 it was found in a Czechoslovakian nurse and after that in 1968 in Massachusetts in a brother and a sister. However, the first discovery was in 1950. in Bombay, hence the name. Since this blood type is really, really rare, people who have it can receive blood only from people who have hh type. The word is that not more than 57 people in all of India go by this blood type. Its H antigen is similar to type 0 and it also, like type 0, lacks A and B antigens.

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