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About chia

Chia is a flowering plant from the mint family of plants that grows mostly in the Mexico and Guatemala and gives seeds that are exceptionally healthy, nutritious and can also help with losing weight as well as maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. The seeds have long been used by Native Americans because of all of their obvious beneficial characteristics.

The most famous fact about chia seeds is that the calories gained from them are what you call healthy calories since they come from healthy and beneficial nutrients. And as far as nutrients go, chia seeds are especially rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and dietary fiber.

Which important nutrients do the chia seeds contain?

The first fact that proves the healthiness of chia seeds is how low they are in cholesterol and sodium, and in turn rich in almost all other essential nutrients. Chia seeds are packed with valuable ingredients such as calcium and phosphorus, different kinds of healthy proteins, complex carbs, a variety of vitamins, copper, zinc, manganese etc. Another one of their important traits is the amount of antioxidants which help maintain our well-being in more ways than one. They work their magic through strengthening the immune system and fueling the energy for both the mind and the body.

The positive effects of chia seeds to one's health

As mentioned above, chia seeds and their antioxidants make one feel energetic, satisfied and happy, and they help improve the concentration and other mental functions, which they also do through their omega 3 essential fatty acids. Their energizing properties make them an especially important part of the diets of runners and pretty much all other athletes, especially since all the weight you might put on from chia seeds is actually just élan muscle mass. Chia seeds also help improve one's natural detoxification, since they maintain a balance of the whole digestive system.

They can also be used for the production of oil and their oil is so healthy that it helps improve largely the overall cardiovascular health. Furthermore, not only do the fibers from the seeds reduce the levels of sugar in the blood, they also minimize food cravings, which qualify them to be a crucial part of any weight-losing regimen or diet.

And since the seeds contain high quality proteins, even the weight the person does put on in the end is actually lean muscle mass, as mentioned above.

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