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The solution of water and salt is called saline solution, and it is used a lot in medicine for treating dehydration and other problems. There are several other uses for this sterile solution and there are several types of the solution depending on the water and salt ratio. The solution of 300 m0sm/L, or 0.91% of NaCl by volume is considered normal, while other types are quarter-normal (with 0.22% NaCl), and half-normal (with 0.45% of NaCl).

Intravenous Infusion and Saline Solution

Saline solution is mostly used for treating dehydration and this is done with intravenous infusion also for people, who have problems ingesting food, saline solution can help. If used for IV, the best saline solution is the one mixed with glucose or dextrose, because you can avoid certain side effects and the circulation of sodium through the bloodstream is limited. Problems such as diarrhea or vomiting can be caused by the loss of fluids, saline solution taken intravenously can help alleviate these problems.

Wound Cleaning and Saline Solution

A wound or a cut can be cleaned with a saline solution and it will never cause any kind of skin irritation or a burn, which makes it one of the most used solutions for cleansing. The wound will be cleaner because it removes the dried blood and debris and gives the wound the moisture it needs. The wound will not be able to heal properly if it is not moist enough. If you want to get a saline solution for cleaning the wound or a cut, you will need a prescription and the solution can be bought in any drug store.

Cleaning Contact Lenses and Saline Solution

The contact lenses can be cleaned with the saline solution, which will remove the protein residue and debris from the contact lenses. Know that there are special solutions for this purpose and they should be used only for cleaning contact lenses, because saline solution for this purpose may have certain chemicals included.

Nasal Irrigation and Saline Solution

Chronic sinus problems and nasal congestion can be treated with saline solution because it can clear mucus and reduce the blockage and irritation of the nasal passage. Also, dander, pollen and any debris will be removed as well. Nasal irrigation can be treated with the saline solution made at home, but it can only be used for this and nothing else. You can make it by mixing one cup of purified water and half a teaspoon of non-iodized salt, which needs to stay for a while on a room temperature so it can react. We advise to consult a doctor before using such solution.

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