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Erectile dysfunction is a condition where it is not possible to obtain or maintain an erection that would be adequate for coitus. Put simply, the penis of persons with erectile dysfunction can not become hard enough to enable penetration or to provide a sufficient amount of stimulation. This condition is more common in older men, but it can affect any man of any age. Reasons for erectile dysfunction are numerous and most are of psychosomatic origin, but some are related to insufficient flow of blood in the penis or hormonal imbalance.

Natural remedies

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be overcome with natural remedies. Here are some.

L-ArginineThis amino acid is used by the body in production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide signals smooth (involuntary) muscles that surround the blood vessels to relax. This dilates them and allows for increased flow of blood. As is known, increased flow of blood in the penis means erection. This substance is known as 'natural Viagra' and is found in meats, or as a supplement. Results of (just two) studies that probed efficacy of L-Arginine are conflicting, as one found that this substance causes significant improvement of condition, while other study found that there are no differences between L-Arginine and placebo, meaning that it was ineffective. If you decide to give it a go, bear in mind that it induces secretion of substance that in turn increases levels of stomach acid.


Some men end up with erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery. A study was done on this problem, and it was found that Propionyl-L-Carnitine is an effective solution. In comparison to Viagra, it proved to be better in overall effects, including satisfaction with intercourse, overall well-being and capability to orgasm. Some men who experienced no improvement on the matter from the use of sildenafil (this is better known as Viagra) reacted positively to combined use of Propionyl-L-Carnitine and sildenafil.


Ginkgo is used to treat erectile dysfunction in persons who are on antidepressants and happen to catch this unpleasant side effect. Apparently, compounds found ginkgo stimulate smooth muscle relaxation and increase blood flow in the penis.


Zinc can be taken as a supplement. It is known that depletion of zinc, usually caused by some digestive disorders, kidney, and liver diseases, diabetes and prolonged use of diuretics can cause erectile dysfunction.

Unstable grounds

There is a belief that ashwagandha herb works as an aphrodisiac, stimulating blood flow to the penis and increasing libido, but there were no studies to confirm this. Bark of yohimbe tree does work as an aphrodisiac, but it may cause a number of side effects, severe drop of blood pressure, paralysis and hallucinations being just some. It is therefore regarded as dangerous and not recommended.

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