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Dangers already known– NicVax to the rescue

This novelty on the market amongthe anti-smoking products and aiders is claimed to give anexcellent opportunity to those people seeking to “break up” with the cotine addictiononce and for all. NicVax itself is a nicotine vaccine that is underdevelopment of the Nabi Pharmaceuticals.

When it comes totobacco, just about all the people in the world are familiar with itsdevastating consequences. This translated into numbers means that approximately500,000 people on the US soil have, up till know, lost their lives due totobacco's malicious influence, and when it comes to China, that figure is evengreater – around 700,000 deaths. China is also considered to be the world’sbiggest tobacco market. What have numerous research studies, surveys andqueries already shown is that the greatest majority of people who activelysmoke – approximately 70%, has a strong desire to give it up for good. Butunfortunately, the greatest majority of these people is not even given anopportunity to attempt this because of their tobacco-induced premature death.

NicVax under the microscope

Fortunately, thevaccine in question is in its final developmental phase, and no less than threetrials are awaiting approval and a green light from the US Food and DrugAdministration. This is expected to be finalized and made public at the latestin the second part of the 2011. The vaccine itself isgiven to a person by way of injecting, and this is done regularly in the nextsix months. In contrast to other products serving the same purpose, this vaccinehas shown to be more powerful and of lasting effect simply because it functionsby motivating the person’s body to produce greater quantities of a particularantibody that immediately sticks to the molecules of nicotine. What theseanti-bodies do is, in a way, stimulation of the nicotine molecules to increase in size, thus disabling them from going over the blood-brain barrier. The implication ofthis is that nicotine stays in the bloodstream of a person in question, andquite soon it transforms into its metabolite (substance created through themetabolic process) – cotinine. Blocking the inflow of nicotine molecules insidethe person’s brain has strong effects on a person’s pleasure sensations that come from nicotine stimulated brain receptors at a release of dopamine.

Trials and results

What have alreadyaccomplished trials revealed is an extremely high and satisfactory nicotinetolerance in people who participated in the research studies, as well asextremely low rate of side effects unlike in other anti-nicotine products, whichquite often have the potential to bring about severe depression and evensuicidal thoughts.

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