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Information on Melaleuca Oil

Melaleuca oil is very popular because it provides the humanbody with numerous different types of health benefits. It has been used invirtually any folk medicine, and nowadays it is successfully integrated into variousadvanced branches of medicine. Melaleuca oil tastes and smells awfully but itis very powerful and very beneficial. The tribes of eastern Australia have usedthis oil for numerous purposes for many centuries. Melaleuca oil is known forits very potent antifungal and antibacterial properties which can be used forthe prevention and treatment of numerous different types of medical conditionsand ailments. It is also sometimes known as the Australian tea tree oil.

Melaleuca Oil Health Benefits

Tea tree oil can only be used topically. One should neverconsume it or apply it internally in any way. The aforementioned antifungal andantibacterial properties are very helpful when it comes to fighting off variousdifferent sorts of bacterial or fungal skin infections. One just needs to applya few drops of melaleuca oil to the affected area. It can also be used for thepreparation of an all-around cleaner for the kitchen, bathroom and similarareas. One just needs to mix a few drops of oil in half a liter of water.Melaleuca oil may also come in very handy for all those who suffer from acne.It needs to be mixed with some lukewarm water in order to prepare a facialwash. One may also put some oil on apiece of cotton and then dab it in the affected area. The oil is very efficientin the treatment of acne because it fights off the bacteria which are responsiblefor the formation of acne. Melaleuca oil is also an amazing insect repellent.In order to prepare the repellent one needs to mix 15 drops of oil with 250milliliters of water. The mixture then needs to be poured into a spray can. Itcan be used against insects, fungus and even black mold.

Dandruff is one of the most common medical problems in theworld and melaleuca oil can be used to get rid of it. One needs to simply addtwo drops of melaleuca oil to the shampoo and wash the hair regularly with suchmixture. It may also be very helpful in getting rid of lice in hair. One mayalso use melaleuca oil to prepare a mouthwash which is very efficient in thetreatment of bad breath, gum inflammations, dental plaque and gingivitis.Melaleuca oil can also be used for the treatment of sore throat, congestions,burns, bruises and minor cuts.

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