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Most miscarriages happen in first 15 weeks of pregnancy, and for this reason it is extremely important to be careful during this time. Most miscarriages do not have a known cause. Some happen because of complications and defects in the chromosomal development of the fetus, while others are caused by infections, injuries, anatomical abnormalities and certain systemic diseases, such as diabetes.

A small amount of miscarriages are caused because of risky behavior that includes heavy drinking, smoking, drug abuse and even caffeine. A sign of miscarriage is usually vaginal bleeding, which may be confused with some of the pregnancy signs (especially implantation bleeding or spotting, which is usually the first indication of pregnancy). Additionally, there are specific actions a woman must take in order to minimize a chance of miscarriage.

Consuming enough zinc rich foods or zinc supplements is important. If you are often cold or if you have frequent infections, if you are constantly feeling exhausted or have a poor appetite, weak sense of taste and smell, or if your skin and hair are dry and you have white spots on your fingernails, you very probably suffer from zinc deficiency. And since zinc is one of the most important minerals for your reproductive system for both men and women, make sure to consume zinc either in food or in the form of supplements.

Women cannot maintain pregnancy without adequate progesterone levels which are also known as pregnancy hormones. If a woman has low progesterone levels, she might also suffer from PMS and a luteal phase defect. In order to balance progesterone levels, woman should increase magnesium and vitamin B6 intake. Both are found in seeds, nuts, egg yolk, dark green leafy vegetables and legumes, as well as supplements of course.

Vitamin C supports the strength of your uterus, so make sure to consume proper amounts of vitamin C. If your uterus isn't strong enough and if your connective tissue is weak, it is very possible a miscarriage will happen. Make sure to increase the level of vitamin C. Either take prenatal supplements or eat vitamin C rich food, such as citrus foods.

Also make sure to eat enough bioflavonoids because they help the body to absorb more vitamin C and also contribute to the strength of the connective tissue. Bioflavonoids are found in all berries. And once again: avoid bad habits such as smoking or inhaling secondary smoke, avoid alcohol and also skip caffeine for some time.

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