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This article gives you explanation on the symptoms of gynecomastia, a condition that occurs only in males, be it a newly born babies, adolescents or adults. Gynecomastia means a collection of the fat in the man`s breast, and it is simply impossible to ignore the symptoms, since the most visible symptom is exactly the enlargement of a breast. If the symptoms appear in the period when a child is in its teen, they will disappear on its own, but, very often, the symptoms may mislead a person. The cause of gynecomastia is, in the highest percentage, a hormonal imbalance, while other cause may include obesity, liver failure and others. Given that the symptoms of large breasts appear in the male, such an abnormality gives a man a lack of manhood, and because of that, his self-esteem is significantly diminished.

Types of gynecomastia

There are a few types of gynecomastia and symptoms differ from type to type. If a gynecomastia occurs in an adolescent, a feature that characterizes it is the enlargement of the tissue around the areola that isn't smaller than 1 centimeter and bigger than 5 centimeters. But if you notice some strange enlargement on the breast, don’t panic, because it can be easily replaced with fat, and in that case, you should visit a nutritionist and consult about a proper diet. By following the nutritionist`s advice, in no time you can reduce that fat and go back to your prior life. In the adults, gynecomastia usually develops because of the imbalance in the hormones, or liver failure, but it can also appear if they use some medicine that contains estrogen, a hormone that is responsible for the growth of breast.

Difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia

A condition that is similar to gynecomastia is a pseudogynecomastia, and the difference is that in the case of gynecomastia a glandular tissue is enlarging, while in pseudogynecomastia a fatty tissue is enlarging in the breast. So, based on the given symptoms and explanations about the gynecomastia, we hope that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a proper diagnosis by yourself. If you suspect of anything, or discover that your breasts are changing, make an appointment at the doctor`s and discuss about the possible methods of the treatments. There is no need to worry and agitate, you only need to start the treatment on time.

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