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There was a study conducted in the year 2005. In this study, women who had dry eye syndrome had 5 tuna meals per week and the dry eye syndrome was reduced by almost 70% in comparison to women who had only one tuna meal in a week. The fact that tuna is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids was the decisive factor. On the other hand, women who had lots of omega-6 fatty acids only worsened their symptoms. Apart from tuna, omega-3 fatty acids can be found in salmon, sardines, herring and cod liver oil. Flaxseed oil
This oil is recommended by the experts because it has high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids. A person should never apply the oil directly to the eye but take it orally instead. There are several forms in which this oil is available but the liquid one is the most effective and the simplest to use. If a person decides on the liquid form, he or she should always keep it refrigerated. Lots of people grind the actual flaxseed in a coffee maker and then mix it with water before consumption. However, the best variety is cold pressed flaxseed oil. A person should not take more than one tablespoon or 14 g in a day. If a person decides to take this oil in the form of capsules, he or she should take between 3 and 6 of them per day. There was a study where flaxseed oil has shown that it is effective just as doxycycline after the LASIK eye surgery but with fewer side effects.

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)

Lots of people suffer from dry eye syndrome because they lack vitamin A. Carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, fish oil and cantaloupes all have lots of this vitamin and a person who lacks it should include these foods into his or her diet. There are also preservative-free vitamin A drops a person can use. Hyaluronic Acid
This acid is a special protein that can be found in all living organisms. It is good for the people who suffer from dry eye syndrome. It is supposed to be applied directly to the eye in order to lessen the symptoms of the syndrome.

Evening primrose oil

This oil is derived from evening primrose plant that can be found in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia. Evening primrose oil is good because it contains linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid.

Apart from these, a person can also use glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and N-Acetyl-L cysteine.

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