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Natural hormone replacement therapy or NHRT is the use ofplant hormones to treat different medical conditions caused by hormonedeficiencies or imbalances. These plant hormones, as the name suggests, arederived from various plants. They are not synthetic and by their propertiesthey are bio-identical to body own hormones, such as progesterone, estrogens ortestosterone.

Another name for plant hormone is phytohormones. They havebeen used in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousands of years, butthe modern medicine takes some time until the crystallization and isolation ofthese hormones from the plants. The breakthrough happened in 1938, when scientistcrystallized natural progesterone, but it waited some 50 years, until the 80s,to become commercially available for the patients.

These days NHRT has been used as the substitute for hormonereplacement therapy (HRT). Many women found the conventional HRT ineffectiveand its adverse effects and risks as highly problematic, so they turned tonatural hormones.

NHRT Caution Measures

Natural hormone replacement therapy has been approved by theFDA (Food and Drug Administration), but these are not medications, according tothe US law. Keep that in mind when deciding to switch to NHRT from any othertherapy or just when you want to start with natural hormones treatment.

There is also a problem with the amount of active substance (alsoknown as bioavailability) that will enter your bloodstream, when you use theseproducts. If you need low concentrations of hormones these NHRT products mightbe helpful, but it is not sure that they will be helpful in other cases.

NHRT hasn’t been well studied and therefore there is noproof that these natural hormones really work. Potential risks are alsounknown, and as much as we know, NHRT might cause the same problems as theconventional hormone therapy. It is possible to increase the risk of heartproblems, stroke, breast cancer or pulmonary embolism, as the HRT does.

Natural androgen replacement therapy is not recommended tobe given to young people in their teen age.

Be aware of “natural” label on the bottles, sincemanufacturer may label something as natural hormone, and it could derivate fromsome other source (animal for instance).

Potential NHRT Benefits

NHRT is frequently used by menopausal women, to compensatethe decline of estrogens, progesterone and testosterone. Many andropausal menalso use these products, in order to balance the decrease of testosterone inthe body. It is said that most symptoms improve after the NHRT treatment, andmost people need one to 3 months of therapy with these natural hormones.

Some studies have revealed the possibility to use NHRT in: heartdisease, cancers, osteoporosis and breast problems. Men could benefit the treatmentwith NHRT for the increase of their libido, energy and muscle mass, and thesenatural occurring hormones are believed to improve middle-aged menconcentration and productivity as well.

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