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What Is Progesterone Cream?Progesterone is a female sex hormone produced by the ovaries during ovulation. Progesterone has a key role in opposing or balancing the effects of estrogen. Unopposed and unbalanced estrogen increases the risk for endometrial and breast cancer.

Progesterone also regulates the menstrual cycle of women and increases chances of conceiving. During pregnancy, progesterone plays an important role in development of placenta.

In menopausal women, progesterone levels decline and may even drop to zero. On the other hand, estrogen levels lower by 40 to 60%. Decline in the level of progesterone affects overall health, reduces skin elasticity and contributes to bone thinning (osteoporosis).

In order to keep the progesterone at an optimum level, women can use progesterone replacement therapy in a form of cream or pill. Progesterone cream supplements the body's progesterone levels and promotes hormonal balance. However, although it is effective, progesterone cream is associated with several negative effects which will be listed below.

Side Effects of Progesterone Cream

Weight gain - use of progesterone cream can lead to different changes in woman's appearance. It commonly causes weight gain but growth of facial hair and hair loss may occur as well. Pain - progesterone cream can induce headaches, breast pain and muscle pain. Stomach problems - abdominal bloating, stomach cramps and nausea can also result out of progesterone cream usage. Vaginal problems - progesterone cream can cause vaginal dryness, itching and vaginal discharge. Adrenal problems - progesterone cream is a fat-soluble compound which means that it is stored in fat tissues. Excess use of the cream can lead to buildup of progesterone in fat tissues that disrupts adrenal function. This can lead to malaise, fatigue and weakness. Sleepiness - too much progesterone cream can cause sleepiness due to its sedative-like properties.

Tips to Reduce Side Effects of Progesterone CreamStress affects hormonal balance in the body and may aggravate the side effects of progesterone cream. This can be prevented by eliminating causes of stress and stress management techniques.

Quality and quantity of sleep also play a role in hormonal functions. A woman must get good and sufficient night sleep while using progesterone cream to maintain biorhythm in the body.

Healthy and balanced diet is important for women who use progesterone cream as it can help to reduce the side effects due to sufficient intake of essential nutrients.

Finally, to lower the risk of progesterone cream side effects, women can opt for natural progesterone cream obtained from Mexican yam extract. Compounds of yam can be transformed into progesterone by chemical processes. Natural progesterone cream does not cause any side effects associated with the synthetic version since progesterone in natural cream is mild.

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