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There are many cases when one tries to lose the body weight by changing the diet and exercising more, but, simply cannot accomplish it. In the majority of cases, these people have distressing problems with obesity, which should be taken seriously because it can cause many others health problems. One of the most common causes that are responsible for the incapability to lose body weight is resistance to insulin.

The role of insulin

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Our body is composed of billions of cells and each cell needs to be fed. When we eat, our digestive system disintegrates carbohydrates into glucose, which is simple sugar. This sugar is then transported through the bloodstream to the cells. Since the glucose cannot enter through the walls of the cells alone, the hormone insulin helps glucose to penetrate the cells, which means that it practically opens and closes the entrances to the cells. When glucose is in the cell, it is transformed into fats.

Insulin resistance

Since insulin is responsible for the absorption of sugar in the cells, the pancreas produces high amounts of it whenever we eat. However, when the levels of insulin are too high frequently, it can lead to the insulin resistance, which means that the cells do not recognize it and thus do not respond to it. This causes the pancreas to produce even more insulin, while on the other side, the cells do not get glucose in sufficient amounts. Therefore, insulin resistance causes tiredness and fatigue, as well as muscle weakness and low energy.

Insulin resistance and weight loss

Insulin resistance and weigh loss are closely connected. Those people who suffer from insulin resistance have troubles to loss weight even though they have reduced their diet and although they regularly exercise. The reason for that is related to the insulin, which has the role to open the walls of the cells in order to let glucose in. Furthermore, after glucose is in the cells, insulin closes the entrances in the walls and glucose is then converted into fats, which cannot get out of the cells because of the insulin. Thus, the person gains weight.

Insulin resistance is a condition that can be controlled. It should not be neglected and ignored, because it can cause the development of the type 2 diabetes. Those people with insulin resistance should avoid foods that can increase the levels of insulin, such as sweets and sugary foods. Furthermore, regular exercises are also very important in order to control this condition.

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