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There have been many research and medical studies that focus on treating PCOS from a medical standpoint, but there are alternative treatments which could yield good results for women as well. It is known that PCOS causes women to be overweight because of insulin resistance, but once the woman loses weight the symptoms for some can actually stabilize and get better. Losing weight can cause a change in ovarian function and when treating PCOS is something that should be encouraged by a physician.

For a woman that has PCOS and is trying to conceive, changes in the body from weight loss can help stabilize ovulation and allow her to become pregnant. When treating PCOS-related infertility, it is very important to address the diet of the woman. Studies have also shown that a woman with high levels of luteinizing hormones in the blood have a greater chance of miscarriage within the first trimester of pregnancy, which could be directly related to being overweight.

Natural PCOS treatments can vary and what will work for a female can only be determined after careful consideration made by the treating professional. There are some tests which will need to be performed when trying to treat PCOS using natural methods which can include the following:

Saliva adrenal hormone tests which measure cortisol and DHEA Serum blood and a female hormonal panel Saliva female panel which includes estrogen, estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone Blood lipid profile for cholesterol and triglycerides

When trying to conceive, a woman with PCOS will sometimes have a long and difficult battle ahead. There can be setbacks and disappointments which a woman should never let deter her or make her give up her dream of having a baby. Natural PCOS treatments can include dietary and lifestyle adjustments, reducing fat intake, avoiding sugar and caffeine, and including regular dietary supplements. Through regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet a woman can naturally control PCOS and protect her ability to conceive and become pregnant. Before beginning any new type of exercise, nutrition or medication regimen it is always advisable for a woman to consult and adhere to the advice of the treating professional in order to avoid any negative consequences being experienced.

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