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PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders in women of childbearing age in the country, affecting countless numbers of females. The condition is also referred to as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome and most women that have the problem experience a variety of different symptoms. PCOS is responsible for between 5-10% of all cases of infertility in women and the symptoms might start in adolescence and get more pronounced later on in life. PCOS causes and symptoms are usually related to menstrual cycle disruptions and elevated levels of the hormone androgen. Menstrual cycle abnormalities can be related to a delay of normal menstruation or fewer periods per year. Other signs and symptoms related to PCOS can also include the following;

Obesity and weight gain Dandruff Insulin resistance and elevation of insulin levels Oily skin and acne Skin tags and discolorations High cholesterol and/or high blood pressure Multiple ovarian cysts bleeding after intercourse

For a couple trying to conceive, PCOS can be one of the leading causes of infertility in women. If a woman is experiencing any of the above PCOS causes and symptoms, it is important to seek a definitive diagnosis from a qualified medical professional in order to begin treatment as quickly as possible. The sooner a woman is diagnosed and treated, the less chance there is that a woman will be rendered permanently infertile. Researchers are not quite certain what causes PCOS in women, but it can be likely be linked to genetics and certain environmental factors as well. Women with PCOS often have a female sibling or mother that suffers from the condition as well and scientists are currently working on determining in whether genetics has anything to do with it.

Another consideration which might be a causative factor in PCOS is insulin resistance, which could be related to androgen overproduction by the ovaries. For a woman with PCOS, the symptoms can be very difficult to manage and can make quality of life unbearable. However, with medical assistance and other lifestyle adjustments it is possible for a woman to live with and manage the symptoms. PCOS in a woman that is trying to conceive can deter conception and without medical attention can rob her of a chance to have a child of her own, so treatment is very important.

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