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The fact is that in some cases, natural muscle relaxants areas effective and helpful in relieving muscle pain and spasms as medicationsthat are used for the same purpose. Unlike medications, those that are natural aremuch healthier and better choice for the organism due to the fact that theypractically cannot cause side effects, which are more or less common for so-calledunnatural muscle relaxants. This is the most important reason why people shouldgather more information about them and see if they can substitute medications withnatural options such as herbs, for example, at least to a certain extent. However,since herbs are most frequently suggested natural muscle relaxants, it isimportant to know how to use each of them in the right way, as well as thedosages that are to be allowed. In some cases, overuse of some herb might provokesome unwanted effects, even though the herbs are considered to be safe.

What are natural muscle relaxants?

Chamomile has been known for centuries as a tranquilizer andaside from its ability to reduce the inflammation, it also has the ability to relaxthe muscles if they are tightened.Valerian has also been used for centuries, particularly inthe treatment of muscle spasms, muscle cramps and problems with neck.Cayenne pepper has also proven to be more than helpful whenpain or cramps in the muscles need to be alleviated.Vervain is an herb that has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatoryproperties, but it works as a muscle relaxant as well. This wild herb alsohelps with anxiety and problems with sleep, as well as in digestion and relievinggastrointestinal discomfort.Catnip is known for it calming effect and it can be used forrelieving menstrual cramps, as well as in cases when the joints swell.Kava root can be found in powdered form and as such, it canbe used diluted (when one table spoon of this powder is diluted in a cup ofwater), or it can be found in the form of pill. Tea can also be made of kavaroot, but whichever form is chosen, it will help with various types of pain. However,it is necessary to be careful about the dosage because this herb is safe andside effect free as long as it is taken in small dosage.A number of homeopathic remedies are also considered asnatural muscle relaxants, and some of them are Calcarea phosphorica, Kali carband arnica.

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