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The role of the herbs in treatment

Herbs have practically always been used in the treatment ofvarious conditions, and the healing and beneficial effects of some of them havebeen known for centuries. Today, when modern medicine offers so many solutionswhether in a form of a pill, or some other, people tend to forget about theherbs. However, it seems that due to many side effects of the conventionalmethods of the treatment, a number of those who turn to the nature again is growing. Ifnothing else, at least there are no side effects when using herbs, or at leastthey are fewer and less serious than those of the medications. On the otherside, more and more medications are based on herbs, which means that they arenatural.

Herbs with anti-inflammatory properties

Although not always, the inflammation can be a seriousproblem, and what’s more, it can cause a number of further problems, which iswhy it is important to treat it properly and timely. As for the herbs that haveanti-inflammatory properties, there is a number of them. Here will be mentioned only the mostfrequently used herbs.

Turmeric is an herb that has proven to be very efficient andhelpful when it comes to the treatment of tendonitis, arthritis and a number ofother disorders that are autoimmune in nature. True, some time is needed forthe results to show, but if a person is persistent, they will surely come. Turmericcan be found in the form of capsules and tablets, but it is believed that wholeturmeric gives best results.Ginger is an herb that can also be found in capsules, but itis also recommended to use it as a tea. Some time and patience is also necessaryfor the results to show up, but they are guaranteed.Boswellia is an herb that is particularly good in thetreatment of fibromyalgia, while arnica is highly recommended in cases ofbruises, broken bones and sprains.St. John’sWort has many other beneficial properties besides anti-inflammatory. However, dueto this feature, it is helpful in healing the nerves and inflammation that is a result of some trauma, as well as in repairing the collapsed veins.Garlic is famous for its ability to destroy bacteria,viruses, and pathogens that may cause various infections. Besides that, it is extremelybeneficial in treating inflammations, and it can be used fresh, crushed, in aform of tincture, juice, or any other way; practically, it is good in any form.

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