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Use ofpurgatives during pregnancy

There aresome instances when pregnant women need or want to take a laxative. A purgativeor laxative is a foodstuff or a medication that is used to make the stoollooser, and to ensure more regular bowel movements. There are some situationsin which this effect is important to people, or to women specifically in thiscase. Laxatives are typically used as a means of help for sorting outirregularity in emptying the bowels. Constipation is diagnosed in cases where aperson has a bowel movement less frequently than thrice a week.

Pregnancy isa quite altered state in the organism, compared to normal state in the body ofa woman that is not pregnant. Many different problems may arise for women whoare pregnant, and among them is constipation. And laxatives may once again comeinto play, as a quick and efficient way of relieving this problem. It is notalways safe for all women to take laxatives while they are pregnant, but ifsome precautionary measures are taken into consideration, laxatives can be verybeneficial for pregnant ladies.

Pregnancy andconstipation as a result

In theopening period of pregnancy, the hormone under the name of progesterone issomething that can induce some changes in the body, and that is when some womenhave troubles with constipation. The speed of the digestive processes in thebody is decreased due to the activity of progesterone, and that is why thebowel movements may occur irregularly.

Another influentialfactor for irregularity in emptying the bowels is the intake of vitaminsupplements. These supplements are often recommended to pregnant women, andthat is with a good reason. Supplements that are used to make up for thenecessary amount of iron and calcium in the body can induce irregularity in thebowel emptying process. Also, what may contribute to the emergency of constipationis stress that some pregnant women experience as well as poor content ofdietary fibers in nutrition.

A factorthat is crucial in a majority of instances of constipation is insufficientlevel of workout. Pregnant woman frequently avoid physical exercise, some ontheir own initiative and some because they have been recommended so by theirdoctor. In this case, the best way to relieve the problem is to eat healthilyand to get at least some physical exercise. However, if a woman for instance isprevented from working out regularly, she may resort to the use of a laxative,provided she is guided by the expert hand of her doctor.

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