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As already well-known, there are a few types of Hepatitis, A, B, C, D and E. They all actually lead to and their direct consequence is the liver inflammation. The most widespread type is the Hepatitis C and, along with the types B and D, is a more serious condition. For example, the Hepatitis D can lead to the cirrhosis of the liver. The type A is the mildest since it can be cured during a period shorter than a half of one year. Their characteristic of being highly contagious is essentially important.

If one suspects on this disease, he or she should get familiar with the symptoms and check if a group of them is noticed. Those are high temperature, painful liver, abnormal gas production or bleeding, the urine that is darker than usual, sickness, problems during an intercourse, bad digestion, yellowish skin or eyes, the weaker immune system. But, there are even the psychological negative symptoms that include depression, anxiety, mental and memory instability and general weakness.

This illness can be severe and very difficult to treat, so at the time when the usually prescribed medications cannot wipe out the illness successfully and thoroughly, maybe the attention should be paid to the natural remedies. So, this text is about treating the root of illness, in this case liver and focusing on the natural approach to Hepatitis, strengthening the immune system.

There are several beneficial remedies that come from the nature. Such are, for example, the natural antibiotics (Colloidal Silver and Olive Leaf Capsules), which are multi-functional because they fight bacteria, viruses and fungi and they are powerful anti-oxidants. These remedies are usually combined with the Zell Oxygen treatment, which has the function of making the immune system more resistant and powerful.

The Chinese Reishi Mushroom, which is the main ingredient of the popular Wulingdan Pill, is very beneficial in curing the Hepatitis B and when the liver is severely damaged. But, this mushroom firstly strengthens the immune system, and then encourages the normal blood flow and takes care of the damaged liver. It is good to mention that it has been always beneficial for a lot of disorders through the history of the Chinese medicine.

A good remedy is also the Black Seed Oil that focuses on the liver and digestive-related health problems. But, it is also used to boost-up the immune response. And, of course, it has a range of the beneficial qualities, too.

And finally, the herb that is used in form of tonic is Milk Thistle. Actually, this herb has seeds that contain the ingredient called Silymarin, which provides the protection of the membranes of the liver cells, and therefore, doesn’t allow the toxins to enter a cell. It also encourages the Renovation process of the liver.

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