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Heart disease

It is a general term describing a variety of different diseases affecting the heart. Today thousands of people die from heart-related problems each year. And while there exist a lot of natural remedies, many are unaware of their existence, and rather turn to medicinal solutions, which, in turn, may have more harmful side effects.

Heart disease is usually linked to poor lifestyle choices, such as overeating and not getting enough exercise. That leads to building up of plaque in the arteries, which leads hypertension, high blood pressure and, finally, heart disease. Some of the blame for the increase of the number of heart disease sufferers lies on high protein diets. They are rich in saturated animal fats, which cause the accumulation of fatty substances in the blood. And, in order to deal with the increase in fatty substances, blood pressure rises, and levels of uric acid climb.

And before we know it, we need to go and see the doctor because we have chest pains or sometimes cannot breathe. Of course, as the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry”, so we should try and take a little time for exercises or eat healthy food.

However, for those who are already experiencing heart problems, it has become common to take prescription drugs, and that may not always be the safest option.

Misconceptions about prescription drugs

There is a huge choice of prescription drugs available to treat heart disease and high blood pressure. However, they may cause disagreeable and even harmful side-effects. They may help your heart condition, but they can have a shocking effect on health in other aspects.

For instance, nitrates are helpful when it comes to reducing angina attack, but they have been known to cause nausea and dizziness.

Second example is beta blockers. Beta blockers are usually used to slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and widen arteries. However, they have more than serious side-effects, such as dizziness, insomnia, rashes, digestive problems, and even impotence.

Natural cure

Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money selling heart disease medicine, and each year, the number of heart disease sufferers increases. Maybe it is time to turn to an alternative way of dealing with the number one cause of deaths in America. Maybe it is time to turn to natural medicine.

It has been shown to be free of unpleasant side-effects and disagreeable consequences, and sometimes it may have an even better outcome than those prescriptions we cherish so much.

Of course, before trying any of the natural cures, you should consult your physician, and on you can find tips how to avoid heart disease, i.e. dietary and lifestyle advice that you may need.

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