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There are several different names used to describe the problemwith digestion and the reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus. You can hearpeople calling it heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophagealreflux disease). It is caused by the regurgitation of the stomach acid from thestomach back into the esophagus and the symptoms usually include burning andpain, as well as the irritation of the esophageal lining.

Simple Solutions

Human body is designed to help itself. So, when you feel excessstomach acid swallow the saliva and you will feel better. Saliva containssodium bicarbonate and this substance can neutralize excess acid present inthis condition.

For people suffering from heartburn during the night, thebest option is to sleep with slightly elevated head of the bed. The gravitywill prevent reflux of the stomach acid and you won’t feel so bad any more.

Drink Water or Tea

Episode of acid reflux can often be sorted out if you drinka glass of cold water. The water will dilute stomach acid for a while and youwill have enough time to look after some more permanent solution. Heartburn isoften said to be resolved by sipping the tea made of fennel seeds.

Food Issues

Sometimes food is the cause of acid reflux. Eating too muchcan provoke an episode of heartburn, so try not to over-eat. If you alreadydid that and ate too much, try to loosen up the belt, for this might prove tobe solution for acid reflux. Provide a bit of extra room for digestion andthere is a chance to prevent acid reflux.

When you already know which type of food is going to causeheartburn avoid it and eat something lighter for your stomach. If you don’tknow what triggers the indigestion try to keep the track of everything you eat andyou will soon find out what is causing troubles.


OTC (over the counter) drugs may neutralize stomach acid andbring some relief for the patients suffering from acid reflux, as well as someprescription drugs. Although medications can’t fix the problem they might begood option if the symptoms are severe. However, you should be careful whenusing these medications, because their long-term use has not been studied properly.

Deal with Stress

Stress management may be very helpful for people sufferingfrom acid reflux. Learn how to deal with stress, exercise regularly and avoidcaffeine, alcohol and spicy food to prevent the heartburn.

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