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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition which includes excessive urinationand persistent thirst. This happens due to the insufficient production ofinsulin hormone in the body. That means that the sugar that is obtained willnot be able to convert to energy, as it should. The unchanged sugar will thenleave the body through urine, while at the same time putting a lot of strain onthe kidneys.

Which herbs help keep diabetes under control?

Diabetes can be kept under control with the use of severaldifferent kinds of herbs.

One of such herbs is bitter melon. Bitter melon is a prettywidespread solution when it comes to dealing with diabetes. It is quite rich inthe content of polypeptide, which is also an important ingredient of insulin.The best way to consume it is in the form of freshly squeezed juice, in orderto obtain the most polypeptides possible.

Other herbs that are quite helpful in treating diabetes arefenugreek seeds. The way to use them is to mix together 15 grams of fenugreekseeds and 200 grams of water and sleep on it. The next morning the mixture isto be mixed together until it’s completely blended. When it’s drunk for twomonths on a daily basis, the mixture has proven to decrease glucose levelsconsiderably.

Cinnamon is also becoming very popular as diabetes control.If used properly, it is almost certain to prevent any possible side effect. Asfor the right way to use it, it should be in the form of cinnamon water. Thatrequires boiling an entire liter of water and adding three spoons of cinnamonin it. Once one goes into the habit of consuming this water on a daily basis,the process of converting the sugar into energy will improve significantly.

Which additional changes should be made in order to avoidcomplications of diabetes?

The most basic change to make is the change in thediet. The most important thing to payattention to here is not to exaggerate with the intake of carbohydrates. Theintake of sugar should really be minimal. The consumption of proteins is alsonot to be too excessive, but consuming as much fiber as possible is highlyrecommended. Also, making sure to have any kind of physical activity every daywill help preserve good general health. Finally, regular check-ups are morethan significant as diabetes can sometimes lead to some more serious disease,so, it’s quite important to detect any possible problem in a timely manner.

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