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The Acai Berry is a deep purple colored grape-like berry, fruit of the Acai palm tree. Acai Berries usually grow in the Brazilian rainforests of Amazonia. The berry is famous for its interesting and exotic taste, somewhere in between a cherry and chocolate. It is often used in tea, muesli, fruit juices, ice creams or as a herbal supplement. The Acai Berries have been used for centuries as a natural remedy. There is a belief that even tribesmen of the Amazon used Acai Berry to treat many health conditions. Acai Berries are best known for their ability to reduce threat of some serious diseases such as coronary problems or tumors. However, there are many other health benefits of Acai Berry, including their significant effect on weight loss.

Acai Berries and weight loss

Acai Berries extremely efficient in the process of weight loss. These Berries are also excellent source of vital vitamins and minerals that often lack in a diet of those who are trying to lose extra weight. Acai Berries are potent appetite suppressants that, at the same time, increase one’s energy and stamina and boost the natural immunity. Acai Berries are food with extremely high concentration of antioxidants and may help to reduce the impact of cell oxidization radically over even the minimum time span.

Essential fatty acids found in Acai Berries can boost the metabolism and speed up the rate at which the body burns out the calories. Diet rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is one of the best natural methods for losing the extra pounds.

Amino acids from the Acai Berries are able to build up the muscles and increase their volume. More muscles means more calories burned. This way, Acai Berries contribute to the progressive weight loss.

Acai Berry consists of 10% of pulp while the rest of the berry is seed. However, this pulp is rich in dietary fiber. Fiber is the element of plant-based foods that our bodies cannot digest. It passes through our digestive tract without providing nutrition or calories, but, it adds to the volume of food and promotes the feeling of fullness. This way, Acai Berries serve as powerful appetite suppressants and prevent food cravings. Additionally, fiber promotes healthy movements of the bowel.

How to use Acai Berry

Acai Berries may be used fresh, frozen or dried. In this form they are great complements for almost any dish. They are tasty as a cereal, in granola, smoothies, yogurt, juices, fruit salads, ice-creams and various low-fat cookies.

The liquid extract of the Acai Berry is also available on the market. Because of the physical constitution of the Acai Berries, a rather large amount of them is needed to extract the healthy fruit juice. However, it is possible to enjoy the full benefits of Acai Berry juice in pre-packed food supplements that usually come in capsule form. Capsules are especially suitable for all of us with the busy lifestyle.

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