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What is the pulled muscle?

The muscle pull, or as also called, the muscle strain, is one of the most common muscular injuries that the sportsmen can have. It is usually the consequence of extending the muscular fibers beyond their limits and it can be mild, moderate and severe. The last mentioned grade of the injury includes the total rupture of the fibers and it is the condition manifested as the great pain felt in the affected area. So, to conclude, this type of injury happens because of the overuse of certain muscle, and when the muscle is really damaged, it can no longer be in use.

When the most severe grade of the injury happens, besides, the unbearable pain, the accompanying signs of this condition are the apparition of swelling, bruising and the spasms. When it comes to the pulled shoulder muscle, it, additionally, remains incapable of contractions and of being moved (in majority of the cases).

Some additional troubles may be the following: the lack of the power and strength in the area of the shoulder (which is noticed at first attempt of lifting something), the oppressive sound of the fibers when moving the arm and the rigidness of the shoulder.Recovery from the muscle strain of the shoulder

Having in mind the complexity of the injury and the pain, it is always better to prevent such a problem than to treat it, if it is possible. That can be done by doing the warm up exercises before and the stretching exercises for these muscles after every training. If the strain or the rupture of the muscular fibers still happens, first of all the ice should be applied onto the painful spot, but it should be wrapped in some cloth, so that it doesn’t come in the direct contact with the skin. After the first aid is provided, the medical attention should be sought, and the doctor will prescribe the drugs which are focused on reducing the inflammatory process in the shoulder.

After that, the next thing that should be done is to keep the shoulder in the elevated position, so that the swelling could come off. Staying away from the physical activities must be also included in the process of recovery and the shoulder should be also wrapped in the flexible bandage. Concerning that matter, in the more serious cases of the muscle strains the braces are included in the healing period of the treatment, since they make any movement impossible (which is highly beneficial in this case).

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