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Exercising is something that is much more than the mere lifting of weights, running and increasing muscles. It is actually an entire science that easily explains all the processes that happen while exercising. For example, the process of increasing muscle mass while lifting barbell or dumbbells can be explained as a complex set of motions that includes activation of several joints and muscle contraction of corresponding muscles. This means that contraction of muscles will lead to increased growth of interstitial space in the muscle fibers and that creates a bulk up effect.

When performing the bench press, many muscle groups are included in the motion. Arguably, more muscles are included when dumbbells are used because circular motions can be performed. In this case, rotator cuff muscles are included.

Rotator group

Rotator cuff muscles are a very important element in the circular motion of the shoulder. They include four muscles and those are supraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis and infraspinatus. These muscles are important in some sport activities that utilize the motion that a shoulder is capable of, but sometimes an injury can happen, no matter how cautious an athlete is.

The injury

Even though it might not seem like that at the start, there are some medical problems that might emerge. There is, the acute tear, which might occur during exercising, when a really sudden move is made and the body is not properly stretched and warmed up. So, it is essential to always stretch and warm up well, before any type of exercising. Whatever the cause, there are several symptoms that can clearly show there is a problem with one of the rotator cuff muscles.

There is pain that prevents the person to perform some motions with shoulder, also the pain is much more intensified at the spot of injury. This injury also has a chronic form, with the same final result, but this condition lasts for a long time, with pain gradually increasing until tearing happens.


When the injury happens, there are several things that should be done. Cold bandages or ice can be used for reducing the swelling, and the shoulder should be rested as much as possible. Sometimes, if the pain is very intensive, some medications can be used to control it. And if the tear is very serious, surgery is required.

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