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We will talk about the problem of mouth ulcers and some of the remedies that you can use to bring some relief from the problems. The oral cavity is the area where these ulcers can be created, or more precisely, the buccal mucosa, gums and right from the tongue. Immunosuppressant conditions, immunocompromised conditions, hormonal alterations, vitamin deficiency and several other culprits can be blamed for the creation of the problem that is the focus of this text. In some cases, the ulcers can be transferred from one person to another and this can only be done if herpes or some viral infections cause the problem. Other conditions that can create the mouth ulcers are celiac disease, stress, diabetes and tuberculosis. In order to conduct a proper and effective treatment, the exact cause of the problem has to be detected.


In this part of the text, we will see which natural remedies can help if you are suffering from mouth ulcers. The problem may be reduced if you drink mulberry juice, which will also be beneficial for the burning sensation. You can massage the troubled region with the mix of honey and coconut milk and you should do this two or three time during the day. You can rinse your mouth with mouth rinse and it will remove the bad breath. You can also gargle a boiled mixture of a cup of water and one teaspoon of coriander seeds, cooled off previously. You can apply toothpaste or peppermint oil on the affected location.

Next, we will focus on the medical treatment of the mouth ulcers. If the problem is very serious and the ulcers are very big, there is a chance the remedies we have given you will not be able to remove the ulcers. In these cases, you should turn to medical treatment methods. Infections are the cause of such problems in most cases and in these cases the ulcers are also very painful. If this is the case, topical anesthetizing agents can be helpful, although only temporary. Also, you can take supplements of the vitamin that is deficient in the body, which causes the problem. Systematic treatment is needed for the herpes problem.


Take some steps and prevent the problem from ever happening. You can cause constant trauma on the tongue if you have broken prosthesis or tooth, so correct this problem first. Problem associated with lengthy treatment and burning sensation can suggest precancerous traumatic ulcer. This problem has to be treated and visit to the doctor is needed since oral cancer can be created. Try to avoid items that the persons with contagious mouth ulcers have touched, very hot coffee or tea, and very spicy food. Remember to visit the hospital if the problem becomes persistent, or if the remedies are not giving any results.

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